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free speechBugle Call supports the protection of our civil liberties under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have a particular focus on the First Amendment which embodies the liberty of free expression through speech and the media, freedom of religious belief and practice, freedom of political belief, and the right for peaceful assembly to appeal to the government to modify policies and eradicate injustices. We are advocates for repealing or modifying the protections afforded to Big Tech and the social media platforms under Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act as we maintain that these behemoth organizations have exploited these protections to censor and suppress the voices of conservative organizations and individuals.

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Veterans, Law Enforcement Team Up to Volunteer as Poll Workers in Election Integrity Initiative

A group of military and law enforcement veterans who have vowed to protect the Constitution no matter who is commander-in-chief is trying to recruit 30,000 poll workers and poll watchers for the 2022 midterm elections. The effort comes despite attempts by groups and the media to portray conservative groups supplying poll workers and poll watchers as “organizations with nefarious intent” to interfere in the election and cause doubt about the results, in the words of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s election task force. Politico, in an article published this week, quoted David Levine, election integrity expert at the German Marshal Fund, as saying that there is a “comprehensive effort by purveyors of election myths and disinformation to try and sabotage future U.S. elections.”…

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