Immigration Reform

immigrationreformThe protection of our homeland is the cornerstone of our policy. We believe in strong borders and immigration reform which provides a pathway to citizenship to those who arrive in our country legally. We advocate for a strong military which receives appropriate funding to recruit the best and the brightest to serve in our military branches including the Army, The Navy, The Airforce, and the newly minted Space Force. We adhere to a policy that honors and supports our retired veterans and their families. We support the fortification of our electronic borders through cyber security.

In The News

Biden Admin Deploys Elite Border Patrol Units to ‘Babysit’ Arizona Migrant Camp

Members of the elite Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) and the highly trained rescue unit (BORSTAR) have been deployed to assist in keeping the peace and providing much-needed medical care as hundreds of migrants brave the frigid desert temperatures near Lukeville, Arizona. The migrants are detained in the outdoor camp as they await transportation to a Border Patrol processing facility.

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CBP Whistleblower Alleges “Problematic Practices” And “Substandard” Health Care For Migrants In Custody

CBP Whistleblower Alleges “Problematic Practices” And “Substandard” Health Care For Migrants In Custody Authored by Katabella Roberts via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), A senior Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employee turned whistleblower is alleging years of “problematic practices” in the agency’s treatment of migrants under detention at the border. Illegal immigrants wait in along the border wall to board a bus after surrendering to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Border Patrol agents on the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, on May 12, 2023. (Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images) In a letter sent to Congress on Nov. 30 by the Government Accountability Project, an advocacy group, on behalf of Troy Hendrickson, the CBP employee detailed the alleged failures of the agency’s medical contractor, Loyal Source Government Services. Mr. Hendrickson, a 15-year CBP veteran, said the actions of the medical contractor—the sole provider of medical care for people under CBP custody—were “compounded by the unwillingness of the CBP contracting office” to hold it accountable for its alleged failures and ensure oversight. According to its official website, Loyal Source Government Services is a Florida-based company focusing on government health care, technical and support services, engineering, and travel health care. The letter to Congress states that Mr. Hendrickson was assigned to work with the CBP Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) as a Contracting Officer Representative, beginning in August of 2021. During this time, he “immediately raised concerns internally regarding problematic practices he witnessed, including unfit medical providers, severe understaffing, privacy breaches, and a failure to report sexual harassment in a CBP medical facility,” according to the letter. The negligence, according to Mr. Hendrickson, resulted in “substandard” health care for migrants held in CBP custody. “Mr. Hendrickson’s complaints, made with the support of OCMO leadership, went largely ignored and unaddressed by

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