Election Integrity

election integrity 460We believe in a free and fair election system with checks and balances to identify and remove corruption. We view the American voter as endowed with the liberty to alert the government, the media and the broader community of any perceived malfeasance without retaliation.

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PREMIERING 2/2 at 7:30PM ET: Mike Benz (Part 1): The West’s Burgeoning Censorship Industry and the Government Funds Pouring in–From DHS to DARPA to National Science Foundation

“Whoever can control the Department of Dirty Tricks is able to use it to remove all opposition.” According to Mike Benz. Benz is the executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online and a former State Department diplomat under the Trump administration. The Twitter Files were just the tip of the iceberg, says Benz, who has been tracking the rise of the West’s censorship industry for years. “22 million tweets were categorized as misinformation for purposes of takedowns or throttling through [the Election Integrity Partnership],” Benz said. “It wasn’t just government individual takedown requests. It was government pressure … to create whole new categories of things to censor and then arming them with the artificial intelligence to then automatically scan and ban the new thought violations.”…

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