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Bugle Call was founded by Scott Adams and Leonora Cravotta. Scott is currently the Owner & General Manager of Red State Talk Radio and host of the nationally syndicated Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show co-hosted with Leonora that airs live each and every morning at 8AM EST. Mr. Adams’ professional background includes over 25 years as an entrepreneur working within various Information Technology markets and as an internet pioneer. He holds a B.S. in Political Science and Marketing from Old Dominion University. His focus on conservative politics includes a passion to promote smaller government, end government corruption, and shine a spotlight on media bias in our mainstream media. Mr. Adams passions in addition to politics and technology include group road cycling, sea kayaking, downhill skiing, and collegiate and international freestyle wrestling. Mr. Adams is available for speaking engagements focused on foreign policy, Middle East strategy, election strategy, domestic policy, and social justice issues. Leonora is director of operations with The American Conservative. Leonora’s diverse background includes ten years with JPMorgan Chase and TD Bank where she held various VP level marketing and product development positions. She has also previously served as director of development for several non-profit organizations. Leonora received a BA in English/French from Denison University, an MA in English from the University of Kentucky and an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University. A native of Northern NJ, Leonora currently resides in Arlington, Virginia. Both Leonora and Scott have been involved with both DC and Philly politics.

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Lebanese Soldier Dies, Army Post Comes Under Israeli Shelling, For 1st Time In The Conflict

Lebanese Soldier Dies, Army Post Comes Under Israeli Shelling, For 1st Time In The Conflict There’s been a major escalation on the southern Lebanese border for which Israel has issued a very rare apology, following eight weeks of conflict related to the Gaza war. On Tuesday Israeli shelling in response to ongoing Hezbollah rocket and mortar attacks killed a Lebanese Army soldier – a first in the conflict. Three other soldiers were wounded in the mortar attack. It comes after repeat warnings from Israeli officials, including PM Benjamin Netanyahu, that all of Lebanon could suffer if Hezbollah persists in escalating the attacks. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) issued a statement to “express regret” for killing the Lebanese soldier, and explained in a post on X that its fire had targeted a known launch area used by Hezbollah. Illustrative: AFP file image The incident marks the first time a member of the armed forces of a sovereign country bordering Israel has died by direct Israeli fire since the Gaza war began. The US expressed concern over the death, with a government official telling Al Arabiya English, “The Lebanese Armed Forces is an essential institution, not only to the stability and security of Lebanon, but of the entire region.” And France condemned it, saying in a statement: “France is gravely concerned by the ongoing clashes on the border between Lebanon and Israel. France condemns the Israeli strike which cost the life of a member of the Lebanese armed forces, and sends its sincere condolences to the victim’s relatives,” a spokesperson in a daily briefing. So far, dozens of Hezbollah fighter have been killed, but also civilians and at least one journalist. On the other side, Hezbollah attacks have killed and wounded Israeli troops and civilians. Israel has evacuated dozens of communities that lie within

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Biden Raises Possibility Of “American Troops Fighting Russian Troops”

Biden Raises Possibility Of “American Troops Fighting Russian Troops” President Joe Biden has raised the possibility of “American troops fighting Russian troops” in a speech urging Congress to put aside “petty, partisan, angry politics” which is holding up his multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine. He said that he’s willing to make “significant compromises” with Republicans but that it’s they who’ve been unwilling to back down from their “extreme” demands.  “This cannot wait,” Biden stressed in the televised remarks from the White House. “Congress needs to pass supplemental funding for Ukraine before they break for the holiday recess. Simple as that. Frankly, I think it’s stunning that we’ve gotten to this point in the first place. Republicans in Congress are willing to give Putin the greatest gift he can hope for and abandon our global leadership.” Breaking: Biden raises the possibility of World War 3 with “American troops fighting Russian troops”. To be clear a war between two nuclear powers is guaranteed to end with nuclear war. Didn’t the Democrats insist that Trump would start World War 3? pic.twitter.com/LNYVsdSmZI — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) December 6, 2023 “I’m willing to make significant compromises on the border. We need to fix the broken border system. It is broken. And thus far I’ve gotten no response,” Biden pleaded. He made the speech after speaking with G7 leaders, who are reportedly alarmed that US funding to Ukraine is set to run dry in a mere three weeks. “If we walk away, how many of our European friends are going to continue to fund and at what rates are they going to continue to fund?” he posed. And that’s when the fear-mongering really kicked into overdrive. He went so far as to say that if Ukraine’s defense isn’t funded, this will lead to the country being steamrolled

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