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Mission Statement

mission statement

Founded in February 2021 Buglecall is a 501 (c ) (3) charitable organization with a mission to advance American exceptionalism by championing a civil society with a robust free market economy, a strong national security platform and a bedrock for the protection of individual liberties and the flourishing of families and communities. We deploy our mission through our conferences, events and educational radio and video programming

In The News

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US Investors Hit by Beijing as Newly Listed Didi Could Face ‘Unprecedented’ Sanctions

Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing has taken investors on a roller coaster ride since it became a target of an “unprecedented” clampdown by Beijing just days after its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. The company went public on June 30, raising $4.4 billion from global investors in one of the largest U.S. share offerings of the past decade that valued the company at around $70 billion. In just 48 hours after its debut, however, the Chinese Communist regime went after Didi, ordering a cybersecurity review of the company. DiDi’s shares dropped more than 40 percent since its initial public offering (IPO), which priced the shares at $14. And the news is only getting worse for DiDi as Beijing is now reportedly weighing serious penalties for the ride-hailing company. Bloomberg on July 22 reported that Chinese regulators were considering “serious, perhaps unprecedented, penalties,” which include a forced delisting or withdrawal of the …

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Weaponizing FARA? Trump Ally Barrack Released On Stunning $250 Million Bail

Weaponizing FARA? Trump Ally Barrack Released On Stunning $250 Million Bail Authored by Andrea Widburg via AmericanThinker.com, There are so many things wrong with the story of Thomas Barrack that it’s hard to know where to begin.   Briefly, Biden’s DOJ charged Barrack, the man who chaired Trump’s inaugural fund, with illegal lobbying for the UAE.  Then, for the 74-year-old Barrack to get out of jail, a federal magistrate imposed a $250,000,000 bail on him, along with other serious restrictions on travel.  This is a travesty of justice and a clear threat to Trump allies, past, present, and future. As always, the Daily Mail has a good summary: Donald Trump‘s billionaire ally Thomas Barrack is being released on $250 million bond after being charged with illegally lobbying the Trump administration on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. The 74-year-old reached a deal with prosecutors on Friday that will see him released from custody while he awaits trial on charges of illegal lobbying. A federal magistrate judge in Los Angeles signed off on the conditions of the agreement, which will include surrendering his passport, complying with a curfew, and wearing an ankle bracelet with GPS monitoring. The agreement also calls for Barrack to put up a $250 million bond, secured by $5 million cash, which would be forfeited if he does not appear for court proceedings. Barrack, who chaired Trump’s inaugural fund in 2017 and founded the private equity firm Colony Capital, waived his right to appear in federal court. He will be arraigned in federal court in Brooklyn, New York on Monday.  There are several points to be made here, which I offer in no particular order: One: Before the Democrats weaponized it, few people had ever been prosecuted as unregistered foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).  An article from 2010 reveals that

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America Has Lost The Trade War With China, And The Real Pain Has Yet To Begin

America Has Lost The Trade War With China, And The Real Pain Has Yet To Begin Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Corporate America sacrificed national interests in service of greed, and so did the U.S. government. As we all know, the source of Corporate America’s unprecedented explosion in profits in the 21st century is the offshoring of manufacturing to China. If you doubt this, please study the chart below of corporate profits. Apologists claim many excuses in an attempt to evade the central role of offshoring production to China, but they all ring hollow: no, it wasn’t increasing productivity or automation or Federal Reserve magic, it was shipping production to China and other low-labor-cost nations. Whether we like to admit it or not–mostly not–the American economy is entirely dependent on manufacturing in China. America’s short-sighted obsession with increasing profits to fund buybacks and golden parachutes for corporate insiders and vast fortunes for financiers has led to a dangerous dependency that has handed China tremendous leverage, which China is now starting to make use of. (And why not? Wouldn’t the U.S. start using the same leverage if it could?) A long-time U.S. correspondent who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons recently shared his experiences with parts shortages and price increases from previously reliable suppliers in China. Here is his account of the disruptive shift in the supply chain of essential parts from China to the U.S. China is laying siege to the USA by slowing down production and delivery of goods. It doesn’t take much to hang up US production, just one missing item can do it. So much stuff is sourced through China they can affect all supply chains. Semiconductors are just the canary–because the chains are so long and complex, and specialized materials are required, etc. But it

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