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america first400x400We subscribe to an America First foreign policy which is characterized by the belief in the strength and the character of the American people. It is not an isolationist policy but rather one which prioritizes the security and safety of American people and the sanctity of American laws, values and culture. We believe in treaties and tariffs which strengthen our diplomatic and economic prowess including a stronger NATO and USMCA, a peace through strength Middle East policy and a roster of alternative trade partners to China.

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Oil Slides As Ukraine Readies Resumption Of Russian Crude Flow To Europe

Oil Slides As Ukraine Readies Resumption Of Russian Crude Flow To Europe Amid sanctions on Russian payments – which had reportedly stalled the flow of oil into Europe via Ukraine’s pipelines – a Hungarian refiner has paid the transfer fees enabling the spice oil to flow. Bloomberg reports that Hungarian refiner Mol says it paid Ukraine a transfer fee to restart crude oil flows from Russia to central and eastern European. “Mol has conducted negotiations with the Ukrainian and Russian parties on the resumption of transport through the Friendship pipeline, and transferred the fee due for the use of the Ukrainian section of the pipeline,” the refiner said in an emailed statement. “The Ukrainian party has pledged to resume the transport of crude oil within a matter of days, which had been halted a few days ago due to technical issues emerging on the banking front” Transneft issued a statement saying that Ukraine confirms it is ready to resume transit and oil may resume flowing to Slovakia by the end of Wednesday. As a reminder, the southern leg of the Druzhba pipeline, which delivers Russian crude through Ukraine to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, halted operations on Aug. 4 after European banks refused to transfer a payment from Transneft to its Ukrainian counterpart Ukrtransnafta JSC amid EU sanctions. Crude prices extended losses on the news as supply readies to resume with WTI back below $90… The state of Europe’s energy system remains fragile for sure as the continent is still grappling with constrained supplies of Russian natural gas and low river levels that are hindering the distribution of coal and diesel. Tyler Durden Wed, 08/10/2022 – 06:55

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Head Of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Investigation Is “Convinced” It Came Out Of A Lab

Head Of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Investigation Is “Convinced” It Came Out Of A Lab Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, The head of the preeminent scientific journal The Lancet’s COVID-19 origins Commission is ‘convinced’ that the virus came out of a lab and says that a real investigation is being blocked. Professor Jeffrey Sachs told Current Affairs that he is “pretty convinced [COVID-19] came out of US lab biotechnology” and has warned that ongoing research could lead to another pandemic outbreak. “One thing that is rather clear to me is that there is so much dangerous research underway right now under the umbrella of biodefense or other things that we don’t know about, that is not being properly controlled. This is for sure.”https://t.co/HT5dz7QiWN — Current Affairs (@curaffairs) August 3, 2022 Sachs notes that scientists who dismissed the lab leak theory did so “before they had done any research at all,” adding “they’re creating a narrative. And they’re denying the alternative hypothesis without looking closely at it.” Sachs points to the ‘gain of function’ research and the genetic markers found in the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus that indicate it was manipulated to be more deadly. “What’s interesting, and concerning if I may say so, is that the research that was underway very actively and being promoted, was to insert furin cleavage sites into SARS-like viruses to see what would happen. Oops!” Sachs states. “They’re not looking,” Sachs says of scientists who dismiss the lab leak, adding “They just keep telling us, ‘Look at the market, look at the market, look at the market!’ But they don’t address this alternative. They don’t even look at the data. They don’t even ask questions. And the truth is from the beginning, they haven’t asked the real questions.” Sachs further labels the efforts to distract from the lab research

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