Immigration Reform

immigrationreformThe protection of our homeland is the cornerstone of our policy. We believe in strong borders and immigration reform which provides a pathway to citizenship to those who arrive in our country legally. We advocate for a strong military which receives appropriate funding to recruit the best and the brightest to serve in our military branches including the Army, The Navy, The Airforce, and the newly minted Space Force. We adhere to a policy that honors and supports our retired veterans and their families. We support the fortification of our electronic borders through cyber security.

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Native American Tribe Demands Justice For Man Shot 38 Times By US Border Patrol Agents

Native American Tribe Demands Justice For Man Shot 38 Times By US Border Patrol Agents Authored by Allan Stein via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Yvonne Nevarez remembers her late uncle Raymond Mattia as a proud Tohono O’odham Nation member who always took a stand against injustice. Mattias family spokeswoman Ofelia Rivas stands while propping a sign with a picture of Ray Mattia, who was shot and killed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on May 18, 2023. The photo was taken during a protest in front of the Ajo Border Patrol Station in Why, Ariz., on May 27, 2023. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times) He was a kind, respectful, peace-loving man, she said, making his shooting death by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents even harder to accept. “I’m angry. I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. Our lives will never be the same,” Nevarez said, struggling through tears. “He was like a dad to me. And now, he’s gone.” Family members say that on May 18, Mattia contacted tribal police to report illegal migrants trespassing on his property in Meneger’s Dam Village, a remote southern border community of the Tohono O’odham Nation reservation about 52 miles from Ajo by car. During a brief encounter with CBP agents, family members say Mattia was shot approximately 38 times for reasons as yet unknown. “It was literally at his doorstep,” Nevarez told The Epoch Times at a protest gathering near the Ajo Border Patrol Station in Why, Arizona, on May 27. Protesters at a rally for Raymond Mattia flash placards at a passing Border Patrol vehicle in Why, Ariz., on May 27, 2023. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times) Tribal members and supporters held another demonstration in Tucson on the same day. “We feel that how they took his

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Texas Legislature’s First Special Session to Focus on Border Security, Slashing Property Taxes

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on May 29 unveiled a long list of agenda items for the state Legislature’s upcoming special sessions, including bolstering security at the U.S.-Mexico border and slashing property taxes in the state. The Republican governor called an immediate special session the night of May 29, just hours after the state House and Senate adjourned from the 88th legislative session without passing a number of key bills following tense negotiations. In a statement, Abbott said the first of many special sessions would officially begin at 9 p.m. and would be focused on legislation to cut property taxes by reducing the maximum compressed tax rate for state public school districts in order to “provide lasting property-tax relief for Texas taxpayers.”…

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