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Immigration Reform

immigrationreformThe protection of our homeland is the cornerstone of our policy. We believe in strong borders and immigration reform which provides a pathway to citizenship to those who arrive in our country legally. We advocate for a strong military which receives appropriate funding to recruit the best and the brightest to serve in our military branches including the Army, The Navy, The Airforce, and the newly minted Space Force. We adhere to a policy that honors and supports our retired veterans and their families. We support the fortification of our electronic borders through cyber security.

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Biden Admin Decrees All “Essential” Workers Traveling To US Must Be Fully Vaccinated

Biden Admin Decrees All “Essential” Workers Traveling To US Must Be Fully Vaccinated It’s the latest example of “vaccines for thee, but not for me…” Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has blocked OSHA from enforcing the Biden Administration’s corporate vaccination mandate for most US workers, the administration has decided to require travelers visiting the US for “essential” reasons – ie to fill “essential” jobs like serving as a hospital nurse treating COVID patients – to be fully vaccinated. Travelers arriving in the US by plane have already been required to prove their vaccination status for months now. But the new restrictions, which take effect at the beginning of next week, will expand the requirement to cover foreigners entering the US via port, land or ferry terminals along the US-Mexico and US-Canada borders (though, fortunately for them, a negative COVID test isn’t required for entry at these locations). The requirement will also apply to “non-essential” travelers, meaning that people seeking to visit the US must be from one of the countries fortunate enough to have broad access to vaccines. In a statement, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said he was moving to protect public health while “safely facilitating the cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy.” “Starting on January 22, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security will require that non-U.S. individuals entering the United States via land ports of entry or ferry terminals along our Northern and Southern borders be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be prepared to show related proof of vaccination,” said Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas. ”These updated travel requirements reflect the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to protecting public health while safely facilitating the cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy.” Regardless of whether they’re “essential” or “non-essential”, they must do the following: Verbally attest to their COVID-19 vaccination status Provide proof of a CDC-approved COVID-19 vaccination, as outlined on the CDC website Present a valid Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)-compliant document, such as a valid passport, Trusted Traveler Program card, or Enhanced

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