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National Security

national security 460The protection of our homeland is the cornerstone of our policy. We believe in strong borders and immigration reform which provides a pathway to citizenship to those who arrive in our country legally. We advocate for a strong military which receives appropriate funding to recruit the best and the brightest to serve in our military branches including the Army, The Navy, The Airforce, and the newly minted Space Force. We adhere to a policy that honors and supports our retired veterans and their families.  We support the fortification of our electronic borders through cyber security.

In The News

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China Should Alter Nuclear “No First Strike Policy” To Counter US Pressure: Ex-Diplomat

China Should Alter Nuclear “No First Strike Policy” To Counter US Pressure: Ex-Diplomat The AUKUS pact that was revealed last week to the shock and dispmay of France and the EU, which will involve the US transferring nuclear submarine technology to Australia, has resulted in continued nuclear jawboning out of China this week. First, as we detailed earlier in the week a Chinese state-linked analyst and expert announced to “23 million Australians” in a prime time interview with an Aussie national broadcaster that “Australia will lose that privilege of not being targeted with nuclear weapons by other countries” – as Victor Gao put it to the stunned interviewer.  Following these comments, former diplomat Sha Zukang – who previously served as the longtime Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs to the UN – told a conference in Beijing on Thursday that China should review its “no first strike policy” in the wake of recent developments.  JL-2 Intercontinental Range Ballistic Missile The speech, which was first reported in the South China Morning Post, called for China’s leadership to “fine tune” its nuclear policy as a counterweight to the ongoing pressure campaign coming from Washington and its allies in the Indo-Pacific. It follows Chinese officials denouncing plans for the US to deliver at least eight nuclear-powered subs to Australia. While Beijing is accusing Australia of reneging on its commitment to a nuclear free zone, particularly calling it out as a violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), Canberra officials are differentiating nuclear-powered technology from the deployment of nuclear arms. Here’s what the influential and now retired ambassador Zukang said in part in his remarks: “The strategic pressure on China is intensifying as [the US] has built new military alliances and as it increases its military presence in our neighborhood,” he said. For the most part, Sha clarified that China

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Heckler’s Veto: 66% Of College Students Say Stopping Speech Is Free Speech

Heckler’s Veto: 66% Of College Students Say Stopping Speech Is Free Speech Authored by Jonathan Turley, We have previously discussed the worrisome signs of a rising generation of censors in the country as leaders and writers embrace censorship and blacklisting. The latest chilling poll was released by 2021 College Free Speech Rankings after questioning a huge body of 37,000 students at 159 top-ranked U.S. colleges and universities. It found that sixty-six percent of college students think shouting down a speaker to stop them from speaking is a legitimate form of free speech.  Another 23 percent believe violence can be used to cancel a speech. That is roughly one out of four supporting violence. Faculty and editors are now actively supporting modern versions of book-burning with blacklists and bans for those with opposing political views. Others are supporting actual book burning. Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll has denounced the “weaponization” of free speech, which appears to be the use of free speech by those on the right. So the dean of one of the premier journalism schools now supports censorship.Free speech advocates are facing a generational shift that is now being reflected in our law schools, where free speech principles were once a touchstone of the rule of law. As millions of students are taught that free speech is a threat and that “China is right” about censorship, these figures are shaping a new society in their own intolerant images. The most chilling aspect of this story is how many on left applaud such censorship. A prior poll shows roughly half of the public supporting not just corporate censorship but government censorship of anything deemed “misinformation.” Perhaps the same citizens and academics will embrace the Chinese model on social scoring and praise actions that the reported move by Chase bank. We discussed this issue recently with regard to a lawsuit against SUNY.

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Female Military Service Member Assaulted by “Group” of Afghan Evacuees at Fort Bliss

The following article, Female Military Service Member Assaulted by “Group” of Afghan Evacuees at Fort Bliss, was first published on Big League Politics. The FBI is actively investigating an alleged gang assault on a female US service member on the part of a ‘group’ of Afghan evacuees at Fort Bliss, a US Army base located in both Texas and New Mexico. Thousands of Afghan asylum seekers are being lodged at Fort Bliss after being airlifted from Kabul, in the wake of the country’s capitulation to the Taliban. “We can confirm a female service member supporting Operation Allies Welcome reported being assaulted on Sept. 19 by a small group of male evacuees at the Doña Ana Complex in New Mexico,” the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss Public Affairs said in an emailed statement provided to Fox News. “We take the allegation seriously and appropriately referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The safety and well-being of our service members, as well as all of those on our installations, is paramount.” “Task Force-Bliss is also implementing additional security measures to include increased health and safety patrols, additional lighting, and enforcement of the buddy system at the Dona Ana Complex,” the statement provided to Fox continued. “We will cooperate fully with the FBI and will continue to ensure the service member reporting this assault is fully supported.” Charges are yet to be filed in the incident, with authorities yet to describe if the allegations describe an incident that is sexual in nature. The situation amounts to the third alleged criminal incident involving Afghan evacuees, with two Afghan men respectively charged with felony domestic violence and attempted child sex crimes at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Rep. Yvette Herrell, a New Mexico congresswoman who represents the area of New Mexico containing Fort

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