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america first400x400We subscribe to an America First foreign policy which is characterized by the belief in the strength and the character of the American people. It is not an isolationist policy but rather one which prioritizes the security and safety of American people and the sanctity of American laws, values and culture. We believe in treaties and tariffs which strengthen our diplomatic and economic prowess including a stronger NATO and USMCA, a peace through strength Middle East policy and a roster of alternative trade partners to China.

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Border Patrol union goes off on Biden as anger builds over visit: ‘Keep our name out of your mouth today’

For only the second time since he came into office, President Joe Biden will visit the U.S.-Mexico border. But, as has been reported, the location the 81-year-old Democrat chose to finally make an appearance seems to be generating more scorn. And in contrast to the location former President Donald Trump has chosen to visit, the difference couldn’t be more obvious. “Biden will visit Brownsville, Texas, which ranks as the 29th-most trafficked town by illegal border-crossers, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” Fox News noted. “Former President Trump, meanwhile, is set to hold a competing visit to the border, though he will arrive at Eagle Pass, Texas, one of the most heavily-trafficked towns in the country.” Biden chooses an ‘interesting’ spot to visit the border https://t.co/Re0cS8Tz58 via @BIZPACReview — BPR based (@DumpstrFireNews) February 27, 2024 Fox News reporter Bill Melugin broke down the U.S. Customs and Border Protection data in a post on X. “Over the last 5 days, Border Patrol in Eagle Pass has apprehended over 2,000 illegal immigrants. In Brownsville, only 46 apprehensions,” he noted, along with a chart. NEW: Per CBP sources, internal CBP data reveals the stark difference in activity in the two border locations Trump & Biden will visit today. Over the last 5 days, Border Patrol in Eagle Pass has apprehended over 2,000 illegal immigrants. In Brownsville, only 46 apprehensions.… pic.twitter.com/nTtzdMy4ij — Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) February 29, 2024 “Brownsville hasn’t seen significant activity since last May when Title 42 was ending, when it was the #1 spot for a small window of time,” Melugin’s post continued. “Then Texas locked it down with razor wire and legions of troopers and National Guard and it has been largely silent ever since.” Border Patrol union head Brandon Judd: “The reason why Border Patrol agents are

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Meta Adds Censorship Supporter To Board Of Directors

Meta Adds Censorship Supporter To Board Of Directors Authored by Jonathan Turley, Texas billionaire John Arnold has long held a notorious position for many in the free speech community as the financier for efforts to establish massive censorship systems in the United States. While Elon Musk has been attacked for his effort to reduce such censorship at X (formerly Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have long pushed censorship efforts, even funding a commercial campaign to get people to embrace what they call “content moderation.” Now Zuckerberg has put Arnold on the Meta Board of Directors in a blow to efforts to get the company to accept free speech values. Arnold has given millions to organizations pushing censorship systems. The Washington Examiner has revealed how Arnold Ventures has given $13.7 million to five groups seeking to expand censorship programs in the name of combating disinformation. Among the recipients was the Social Science Research Council, a nonprofit group that runs the Social Media and Democracy Initiative and the project Mediawell. It “curates” news for “digital disinformation and misinformation.” Its site runs studies and articles that advocate government and corporate censorship efforts. For example, one explainer listed government intervention as a solution to climate change denial or disinformation: The CAAD coalition emphasizes the importance of systemic solutions to prevent the spread of mis-/disinformation. CAAD recommends that online platforms adopt concrete measures to address mis-/disinformation and encourages governments to require advertising technology, broadcast, publishing, and social media companies to adhere to those measures. The concern is that Zuckerberg has never been a defender of free speech at Facebook and Arnold will only reinforce an inclination toward censorship. While X opened up its files to reveal the massive censorship system coordinated with the government, Facebook has resisted such efforts. Facebook has long tried to get the public to embrace its role as some

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